Saturday, April 23, 2011

Photostories using photostory 3

Download photstory 3 here and start creating your own photostories.

They really are easy and the children love making them. You can access a beginners guide online, but chances are you won't need it as it is very user friendly. It's great for inspiring boys to write too.

You can add narration and create your own music to accompany your 'story'. Here is a story by Finlay, aged 6. He added narration.

It is a story based on 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. He drew pictures and photographed them, before adding narration and text to his story.

The next one is an example of how a teacher can use a photostory to promote learning. I showed my film as a poor example of a promotion video, although I was raving about it. I told the children I thought it was fab - the best ever. They quickly disagreed (they criticised language, effects, transitions, music) so I challenged them to make it better.

You could use photostory in any curriculum area, with a range of writing genres and themes. Here are some ideas for children:

Illustrate and narrate a story.

Create a tourist guide 'book'

Create a short history film

Explain how to play football, rugby, netball etc.

Write instructions or create a recipe

Promote your school / game / toy

Here are a couple of ideas for teachers:

Use it to showcase classroom events for parent's evening

Inspire learning by having it as a 'backdrop' during lessons

I made one when my niece got married!

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