Sunday, April 3, 2011

Story time

Storybird is a collaborative storytelling site that was brought to my attention by Jill Duman (ICT advisor). It is a place where you can create, share and print short stories, inspired by beautiful art work. My favourite so far is Irisz Agocs' art work. What's yours?


Create your own myths and legends with this brilliant resource from E2BN. My children loved using it to create their very own Norfolk legends.


Listen to actors reading stories online here.


Story Museum

A great resource shared by Jenni

1001 multi-cultural stories online here.

My favourite so far is 'The snake and the frog'. Brilliant!

There are some great online resources on the topmarks site. The Animated Aesop's Fables are particularly good - the children loved them when we used them. One of our classes wrote to the author and they received bookmarks and a free signed book!

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