Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kodu fun!

As promised, an update on the use of kodu in the classroom. Thanks to the enthusiastic children at Roydon Primary!

Rebecca's wedding

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I really enjoy Kodu, I even made a wedding! It's realy addictive but a bit tricky to work out when you start but it gets easier! Everybody crowded around my computer to see the wedding and they all started laughing! - Rebecca Bradfield

Miss BB's thoughts
Apart from the frantic tapping of keys, things could be heard like, "This is awesome!" and "Miss BB - look what I've just done!" But don't just take my word for it - this is what the children think:

We have had a go at making kodu worlds and creating games in them today.

We have added hills, water, waterfalls, factories and other kodus. By Charlie

We have programmed our kodus to react to our environment. There has even been a kodu wedding!

Kodu worlds is great! You can make kodus blow each other up. I found it really fun when I said my world was called Katie world and I was a god. I could make a tree talk and be really realigous. I like blowing kodu's up. -Katie Betts.

We made a war between Kodus and turtles. It was great fun and very creative as you had to make a world then play it. Charley and Amber.

Kodu game lab is so fun. Someone made a wedding and someone made a war. I made a Kodu Birthday in spotty world! My kodu said where are my presents!-Elise Squirrell.

This is really fun,especially when you get blown up because a rock has thrown a missle at you! Ollie
Watch a part of Ollie's game!

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  1. Hi Roydon Primary Pupils
    I've just been looking at some of your work - it looks fantastic! Kodu is great fun. I loved the wedding and the birthday party ideas. It's amazing how much you have been able to do in such a short time - well done!
    Let's hope some other schools find out how good it can be