Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This blog is about an Etwinning project with the children from Ecole Darois in Dijon. We found our partner school through the global gateway and started to email one another. We shared work through our learning platform, then decided it was time to start videoconferencing.

We started by asking and answering questions in French and in English. Our class learned a French song called 'Au Texas' and the French class have been learning 'I can see clearly now', so we sang to each other. Then, Monsier Pont - the headteacher - had a great idea for us to play a game of 'Guess Who' so some of us dressed up in disguise!

During this project I took a short trip to the school, to share ideas and swap our guess who boards. The children enjoyed playing the game.

Playing Guess Who with the children from Ecole Darois.
The children thought it was good fun!

Our French friends had just got a new IWb and they were not very common in schools at that point. So ... it was a very big thing for their school. We played a game of guess who with them after school and there were some very important people watching, like the Deputy, the Mayor, reporters and lots of parents. We were on the news in France!

It was a very good project, which we all enjoyed.

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